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Whitman Company's Staff is Trained in Environmental Compliance

Whitman Company’s Environmental Policy

Whitman Company, Inc., strongly supports the uniform enforcement of local, state, and federal environmental and worker safety laws and regulations. We strongly believe that protection of the environment and the public at large, and the welfare of our work force are, and shall continue to be, primary objectives of the Company that are essential to its continued success.

The management of Whitman Company will do all it can to keep abreast of current regulatory requirements and to maintain compliance. All employees of Whitman Company, its subcontractors and vendors, are required to help the Company maintain compliance with environmental and worker safety laws and regulations.

Whitman Company’s staff is trained in environmental compliance. The Company operates a rinse water recycling and wastewater treatment system staffed by licensed professionals that minimizes the use of water and the generation of hazardous waste.

Whitman Company was awarded a Gold Medal by the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association for its water reclamation system.