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Metal Finishes Offered

We offer many finishes for your products. We finish to Mil specs. or to your custom specifications. If you do not see the finish you are looking for below, please call us at 800-783-2433 and speak to one of our finishing specialists.

Functional Finishes
Gold: ASTM B488, Mil-G-45204
Rhodium: ASTM B634
Silver: ASTM B700, QQ-S-365
Sulfamate Nickle: Mil-P-27418
Nickel: ASTM B689, QQ-N-290
Tin: ASTM B545, Mil-T-10727
Tin Lead: ASTM B579, Mil-P-81728
Zinc (clear, yellow, black, olivedrab): ASTM B63398
Electroless Nickel: ASTM B656, B733
Chrome: QQ-C-320
Copper: ASTM B734, Mil-C-14550
Chromate Conversions: ASM-C-5541, Mil-C-5541
Chemical Film: ASTM B449
Passivating: QQ-P-35
Plating on Aluminum: ASTM B253
Anodize (clear, gold, black): Mil-A-8625
Decorative Finishes
Chrome: polished, satin, barrel
Band Chrome: polished
Nickel: polished, satin
Gold: polished, satin, antique
Brass: polished, satin, antique, weathered
Copper: polished, satin, antique, weathered, verde
Bronze: polished, satin, oil rubbed
Black Nickel: polished, satin, pewter
Silver: polished, satin, antique
Anodize: clear, yellow, black
Polishing & Buffing
Vibratory Finishing & Tumbling
Clear Lacquer